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Introducing REMEND™ Corneal Repair Drops—a new way to enhance healing of corneal ulcers

FORT WORTH, Texas (January 2011)—Virbac Animal Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new product to enhance healing of corneal ulcers in dogs and cats. Corneal ulcers cause pain in these animals, which can then become a source of distress to pet owners, so new tools to optimize treatment of these lesions are very welcome.

REMEND™ Corneal Repair Drops are the result of advanced technology that transforms hyaluronan, a natural component of wound healing, into a cross-linked gel. This unique cross-linked hyaluronan gel supports the natural tissue repair process by promoting cell migration and providing the optimal environment for healing. Because cross-linked hyaluronan is more stable than natural hyaluronan, it provides a longer-lasting environment conducive to cell movement and growth.

Unlike hyaluronan used for joint lubrication, the hyaluronan in REMEND Corneal Repair Drops is unique and has been specifically developed for use on wounds.

According to Heidi Lobprise, Senior Technical Manager, Virbac Animal Health, “REMEND Corneal Repair Drops were proven to heal corneal ulcers within 48 hours in a rabbit study and have been safely and effectively used in cats and dogs in clinical practice. These results are exciting and translate into real benefits for veterinarians trying to achieve excellent corneal healing.”

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