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VIRBAC Behavior Brand products can help an aging pet stay young in mind and promote relaxation in anxious pets. These advanced treatment protocols make life easier for pets and their owners. more »

Focus - Behavioral Concerns

Fear, Anxiety and Phobia

Many owners feel their pets are members of the family. When a dog or cat exhibits disruptive behavior, it can affect the entire household. Find out how a pet can react to fear, anxiety or phobia.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Just like people, aging pets can become confused and disoriented. Pet owners concerned about the deterioration of their beloved older pets now have a first intention treatment option. Learn more »

Treating Behavioral Problems

A pet who is experiencing frequent fear, anxiety, phobia or brain aging may be suffering. If treatment is delayed, the problem becomes worse. It is important to recognize the signs of behavioral problems early, so that a first intention solution can be prescribed.

Proven. Clinical trials of ANXITANE Chewable Tablets and NOVIFIT Tablets conducted with general practitioners offer proven results that have been presented at international conferences and reviewed in leading scientific journals. Learn more »

VIRBAC believes a pet’s good health should be evident in its appearance—and that includes behavior. Our commitment to the needs of dogs and cats has inspired innovative research and development of products formulated specifically for pets with behavioral problems. ANXITANE® (L-THEANINE) Chewable Tablets promote relaxation of stress from fear and anxiety, and for older pets NOVIFIT® (NOVISAMe®) Tablets help improve behavioral disorders related to brain aging.

Each behavioral product we pioneer is uniquely designed to help keep dogs and cats happy, well behaved, and improve quality of life. ANXITANE Chewable Tablets and NOVIFIT Tablets are available only from a veterinarian.

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Fear of walks. Fear of noises. Stress triggered by a family move or a new baby in the house. Now that ANXITANE® (L-Theanine) Chewable Tablets are available through Virbac Animal Health, veterinarians have a new way to help ease the way for anxious feline and canine patients.

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