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Dermatology Products

Otitis Externa

Otitis Externa. This includes malodorous, yeasty ears, excessive wax buildup in ears, inflammation and redness, excessive itchiness and repetitive scratching of ears.

Corium-20™ Ear Cleanser

CORIUM-20™ Ear Cleanser is a drying, soothing, non-stinging, non-irritating ear cleanser with a fresh, clean scent.

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Epi-Otic® Advanced Ear Cleanser

Epi-Otic® ADVANCED Ear Cleanser is a non-irritating ear cleanser formulated with anti-adhesive properties to prevent microbial attachment.

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Epi-Otic® Ear Cleanser

EPI-OTIC® Ear Cleanser with SPHERULITES® Microcapsules, an exclusive encapsulation system is a mild, alcohol-free cleansing and drying solution formulated to remove crusts and excessive cerumen.

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Otomite® Plus

Eliminates ear mites without irritation. OTOMITE PLUS contains double synergized pyrethrins in an olive oil vehicle which penetrates the stratum corneum and is miscible with sebum. Ears are left without a greasy residue.

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